meet the breakfast crew campaign

At NMU Dining, we work with many local partners to get certain ingredients for our dining locations. One of these partnerships that we are particularly proud of is with BSB Farms for shelled eggs. Dining wanted to communicate that all of the eggs used at all dining and retail locations are real, shelled eggs. To do this, I came up with our "Meet the Breakfast Crew" campaign. In this, I took six photos of actual chickens from BSB Farms, illustrated them and gave them names and different personalities. At NMU's Fall Fest, we had a table set up with a wheel that students would spin to determine whether they receive a green or golden egg. In each egg there was a pin that had each chicken on it. The golden eggs had a pin and a dining coupon. The idea was for students to find out which hen at BSB Farms was laying their NMU Dining breakfast. We wanted to create a personal connection for students and the place where their food comes from, and I thought that personifying the chickens helped to do that. 

Chicken Illustrations
Betty the chicken
Hazel the chicken
Lola the chicken
Maxine the chicken
Stella the chicken
Millie the chicken
Promotional/Directional Poster (click to enlarge)
Pins and Backing Cards

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