Fieras Redesign

Through my job as a Marketing Assistant at Northern Michigan University's Dining Services, I was able to aid in a redesign of our on-campus Mexican Grill, Fieras. We chose not to change the already existing logo, not designed by me. But, I created all new menus, promotional signage, and a vinyl window mural. When coming up with what we wanted the restaurant to look like as a whole, we decided to incorporate traditional elements, such as traditional Talavera tile designs, with more contemporary motifs. Creating the vinyl window mural, I was inspired by the the traditional Aztec blanket patterns and incorporated that into the background. When I moved on to creating the menus and other various print materials, I incorporated the same Aztec patterns from the mural to make tie the mural back into other elements since it is such a focal point in the restaurant.

Fieras Vinyl Window Mural
Fieras Menu Board
Fieras Line Menu

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